Q: Why do we need to make America great again? Isn't America already great?


A: We're glad you're optimistic, but we believe that question stems from a lack of knowledge. One of world's most powerful bankers said within the last few years "The United States is finished". Sure everyone dislikes bankers, but they are a preeminent power in this world and we should try and understand what they are thinking. Considering the source, that's a very strong statement.

The idea "Let's make America great again" was previously used in the 1980 U.S. presidential campaign by Ronald Reagan, coming at a time of very high inflation and unemployment, which came to be known as 'stagflation', coming out of a series of economic shocks. With the extreme economic crisis that America is still experiencing due to the securities rating crisis, a large number of Americans are earning less in real terms than they would have earned 20 years ago, and in some cases 30 years ago.

We can leave the debate there for now - there is more that could be said, but suffice to say there are real reasons why Making America Great Again is resonating with Americans in 2016.


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